Innovative family business

For nearly 50 years, our family business Deliscious has been growing the tastiest lettuce in the Netherlands. Under our management, Deliscious has become a leading name in the cultivation of root ball lettuce.
As twin brothers, we complement each other perfectly: Roy has the cultivation expertise; Mark is the expert on technical know-how and logistics.



Unique in Europe

We were the first Dutch company to use a mobile channel system where lettuce plants grow in channels filled with nutrient-rich water. Recently, we joined up with Philips to design the ideal (LED) lighting formula for growing young lettuce plants. The four sealed climate chambers, in which we propagate the seeds into young lettuce plants using LED lighting, are unique in Europe.

Leading the field

As a company, we closely monitor new technological developments. Whenever we see an opportunity, we spring into action. This has enabled us to create a unique, very precise and controlled production process which guarantees quality, freshness and sustainability all year round. Our root ball lettuce is a top product.

Deliscious in pictures

We are proud of Deliscious. Watch our business video here.